Follow the simple steps below to get estimates of CdA, Crr, or both

Upload your test file(s) (type .fit, .tcx or .srm with speed & power data)

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How should we identify laps?

Take intervals from the ride file (Intended for road laps of unknown length or multiple track laps)
Every metres is a lap (Intended for road or track laps of known length)

What sort of analysis do you want to do?

Solve lap-by-lap Crr given an estimated CdA for a (Low speed laps below 16kph / 10mph)
Solve lap-by-lap CdA given an estimated Crr on a (High speed laps above 32kph / 20mph)
Solve one Crr & CdA (Requires a minimum of 10 laps with a speed differential of at least 1.6kph / 1mph per lap)

Test Parameters

Local Air Density g/m3   Calculate
Weight of Rider & Bike kilos